margaret atwood wrote, "in the end, we all become stories".  there is something magical about stories. they can go straight to the heart and work their way into a soul.   

there is also something magical about images that go along with a story.  as a child, and honestly, as an adult too, i instinctively search for a picture to go with the story. whether it's an illustration, a sketch, a photograph, i look for that connection between imagery and the words in a story.  

it brings me great joy to be a part of documenting a person's journey, unguarded moments that create an authentic portrait.  portraits that go along with one's story.

a few favorites:  family.  sunshine.  leaf catchings.  the letter e (the small one).  old books.  new books.  coffee (black).  thunderstorms.  fall.  long walks.  the sky.  the pacific northwest.  the texas hill country.  my dog.  

and especially creating portraits of you.  i look forward to meeting you.